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Port woman tells of meningitis battle – Greenock Telegraph

Port woman tells of meningitis battleGreenock Telegraph… a virulent strain of the deadly disease that kills one in six children who contract it. Patricia, 42, had been suffering from shingles and was feeling under the weather when her condition took a dramatic turn for the worse on Sunday 1 January. shingles disease – Google News

Immunizations aren’t just for children – Daily News – Galveston County

Immunizations aren't just for childrenDaily News – Galveston CountyDo you know anyone who has had shingles? Ask them to describe the pain associated with this preventable disease. It turns out that there is an ever growing list of preventable diseases that you can be immunized against. I am not going to describe them … shingles … Continue reading

Skin Care Tips : How to Fix Complexion Problems

To fix complexion problems, use an exfoliating and brightening scrub that will remove dead skin cells and penetrate deep into the skin. Find skin care products with licorice root and bilberry to improve skin tone using advice from a certified aesthetician in this free video on skin care. Expert: Jaquelyn Hill Contact: Bio: Jaquelyn … Continue reading

Se encuentra la piel frente a la verdad sensual

Instituto Americano de Medicina Avanzada – “Tenemos éxito donde otros han fallado.” Vídeo desafío. Primero Podemos curar la enfermedad. Segundo 90% tasa de éxito. Tercero De miles de pacientes tratados, sin efectos secundarios de importancia. incluidas las mujeres embarazadas y madres lactantes. Cuarto Nuestros medicamentos son aprobados por la FDA. Quinto Nuestra terapie están protegidos … Continue reading

Skin Problems: Dry Lips Miracle

Here’s how to rid your lips of flaky skin for good. See more skin care tips here: Dry, chapped lips can be a real pain. Not just because they are actually uncomfortable, but also because they are unsightly. When lips are flakey, it can be difficult to wear lipstick and gloss. Try this expert … Continue reading

El tratamiento del acné: el acné deshacerse de en 3 días

No importa cuán desesperada que podría ser su problema de acné, podemos ayudarle! – ¿Qué profesionales, modelos y celebridades para hacer una imagen perfecta, libre de acné la piel para disfrutar! – ¿Cómo su piel de forma permanente temas de actualidad sin el uso de medicamentos de alto costo y las rutinas de los … Continue reading